Company Profile

Timotex manufactures weighing systems that can be integrated into hand pallet trucks and our range of products includes Weighing Systems For Hand Pallet Trucks, Weighing Systems For Powered Pedestrian Trucks, Weighing Scales For Powered Pedestrian Trucks, Weighing Scales For Stackers, Weighing Scales For Narrow Aisle Trucks, Weighing Scales For Side Loaders, Weighing Scales For Container Handlers, Weighing Scales For Fork Lifts. Timotex also manufactures and distributes static scales for logistics and manufacturing environments.

The main focus of the company is mobile weighing for materials handling equipment and it is on this basis that the company was formed in 1986

By the early 90’s Timotex was undoubtedly the UK’s number one supplier of such equipment.

In 2002 the Hawkley Group purchased the Timotex organisation as part of its overall business strategy to offer a range of own manufactured on board weighing products for industry.